CBD Dog Treat Natural

  • 30mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract per treat
  • 30 treats per bag
  • All Natural with Zero Preservatives
  • Sweet Potato, Peanut Butter, Rolled Oats, and Coconut Oil
  • FREE SHIPPING on Orders over $30


Product Information


Comforting Companions: Soothe and Care for Your Pet with Our Natural CBD Dog Treats

Introducing our Dog Treat Natural with CBD, the perfect way to pamper your pooch with the wellness benefits of CBD. Each treat is infused with 30mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, offering a natural, preservative-free way to support your dog’s health and happiness.

Our CBD dog treats are crafted with wholesome ingredients like coconut oil, sweet potato, all-natural peanut butter, and rolled oats, ensuring a tasty yet healthy snack. The full-spectrum hemp extract is CO2 extracted, ensuring the final product is free from pesticides, industrial solvents, and heavy metals, keeping your furry friend safe and content.

Ideal for dogs of all sizes, these natural CBD dog treats are a great way to provide a calming effect, support joint health, and maintain overall wellness. Each bag of our natural, preservative-free hemp dog treats offers a delicious and beneficial experience for your beloved canine companion.

Pawsitively Perfect: 5 Top Features of Our CBD Dog Treat Naturals

  1. All-Natural Ingredients: Made with coconut oil, sweet potato, all-natural peanut butter, and rolled oats.
  2. High Potency: Each treat contains 30mg of full-spectrum, CO2-extracted hemp CBD.
  3. Pesticide-Free: Ensures safety with hemp extract free from pesticides, industrial solvents, and heavy metals.
  4. Versatile Benefits: Offers calming, anti-anxiety, and arthritis pain relief for dogs.
  5. Preservative-Free: Maintains your pet’s health with completely natural, preservative-free ingredients.

Embrace of Tranquility: Calming Effects

Our CBD Dog Treat Naturals are infused with calming properties to help your furry friend relax. They are ideal for managing everyday stress, ensuring your dog remains peaceful and at ease, whether it’s during a thunderstorm or when they’re just having an off day.


Nurturing Calm: Anti-Anxiety Aid

These treats are a lifesaver for dogs dealing with separation anxiety, unfamiliar car rides, nerve-wracking vet visits, or loud noises like fireworks. They work naturally to reduce anxiety, helping your pet feel more secure and less anxious in stressful situations.


Harmony in Play: Soothing Aggressive Behavior

When heading to the dog park or interacting with other pets, these treats can help in calming aggressive or overly enthusiastic behavior. This makes socializing more pleasant for both your dog and others, fostering better interactions and a more relaxed environment.


Gentle Caress for Aching Joints: Arthritis and Pain Relief

For dogs suffering from arthritis, like River, our treats offer a gentle way to alleviate joint pain and improve mobility. The natural anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can make a significant difference in their comfort and quality of life. Learn about River’s journey with arthritis.


Tender Support for Seizure Management

CBD has been recognized for its potential to help manage seizures in dogs. By incorporating these treats into your dog’s regimen, you may see a reduction in the frequency and intensity of seizure episodes, contributing to a more stable and comfortable life for your pet.


Soothing Touch for Allergy Relief

Our CBD Dog Treat Naturals can also play a role in easing allergy symptoms in dogs. If your furry friend struggles with itchy skin or other allergy-related discomforts, these treats may provide some relief by reducing inflammation and soothing skin irritation.

For targeted relief on areas like paws and hotspots, consider trying our CBD Healing Salve. Specifically formulated for direct application, it’s an excellent addition to the treats for comprehensive allergy care.

Give our CBD Healing Salve a try and see the difference it can make for your pet.


Loving Embrace of Overall Well being

Beyond targeting specific issues, our CBD Dog Treat Naturals contribute to your dog’s overall wellness. They support immune health, maintain a healthy coat, and promote digestive health, ensuring your dog stays happy and healthy.


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