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Life Leaf Medical offers CBD-rich hemp grown in South Carolina using organic farming practices and CO2 extraction to ensure the highest quality product.

We pride ourselves on customer service with a satisfaction guarantee, free shipping to all 50 states, and third-party lab testing of our CBD products to provide complete transparency for the consumer.

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Life Leaf’s team is dedicated to providing our patients with exceptional health care and customer service.

We are honored to have the opportunity to educate patients and provide the highest quality cannabidiol that will make the difference in the lives of residents of South Carolina. Our staff of medical and health professionals will evaluate every aspect of our patients’ lifestyle and design an individual program to ensure a higher quality of life where mind, body, and soul are healthy, energized, and balanced!

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Lab Tested

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Reefer cannabis features hemp derived Delta-9 THC and THCA products for the most authentic legal experience the OGs are looking for!

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All our CBD oils are extracted from South Carolina grown Cannabis Sativa L plants, better known as hemp. Check out our selection of flavors and concentrations.

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Unique all natural CBD creams, bath bombs, and more. Great for sun care, hydration, pain and inflammation.

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Our Legal Weed product line is centered around Delta-8 THC, THC-O, HHC, and other cannabinoids. Reefer products contain Delta-9 THC or THCa!

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Since the day we opened, we have insisted on the safety and purity testing of all our CBD oils, topicals, vapes, edibles, and other products, setting a standard for the industry.


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