Once upon a time, in a quaint little barn alongside the Waccamaw, a one-eyed Golden Retriever named River came into the world. Born to a mother who suffered from seizures, River’s life seemed destined to be filled with challenges from the start. However, he was a fighter, determined to make the best of his circumstances.
IMG 1091 e1690467954985 As he grew, the same condition that affected his mother began to manifest in River as well. Seizures became a part of his life, a constant struggle that required medical intervention. His humans, filled with love and compassion, sought various treatments to help him, and they found some relief in the form of phenobarbital. While it helped control the seizures, it also made River a little feisty at times.

Then came a turning point in 2018 when hemp legalization allowed his family to explore alternative treatments. With hope in their hearts, they introduced CBD oil into River’s routine, alongside his regular medication. Starting with 100mg daily, they administered the oil either all at once at night or split the dose for both morning and evening.

The impact was nothing short of miraculous. The family had experienced the pain of helplessly watching River suffer during his episodes, but now they found a glimmer of hope. The CBD oil became a lifeline, capable of aborting the seizures when administered directly into his mouth. Sometimes, 100mg was enough, and other times, they had to increase it to 200 or 300mg to halt the seizures abruptly. 3000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil gave River a little over a month’s supply of relief. The CBD even seemed to take his edge off and he became less aggressive towards other male dogs.

As River journeyed into his senior years, new challenges emerged. The seizures took a toll on his body, and he began losing control of his bowels during the episodes. Yet, with the addition of CBD oil to his daily routine, he was spared from far worse outcomes. The CBD provided comfort, easing his discomfort and offering him relief during the most difficult times.

And the positive changes didn’t stop there. River was no ordinary senior dog. He had always been an active soul, trained for hunting and ever so agile. Even when his family moved to a third-story apartment, River refused to let the stairs slow him down. However, as age crept in, climbing the flights of stairs became a taxing endeavor, forcing him to take one step at a time, catching his breath in between.

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But with the help of CBD oil, River’s life took a remarkable turn. Within a month of using the supplement, they noticed a transformation. Once again, he displayed his sprightly spirit, running up all three flights of stairs with newfound vigor after their walks. His happiness knew no bounds, and his family was overjoyed to see him thrive once more.

With the added vitality, River even got to enjoy one last year of duck hunting on milder days, a true testament to his resilience and the power of CBD. His family was grateful for the extra quality of life that CBD had afforded him, cherishing every precious moment they had together.

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As time moved on, River’s tale became an inspiration for many others facing similar challenges. His story touched hearts and provided hope to pet owners looking for alternative therapies for their furry friends. River taught them that love, determination, and the right supplements could make all the difference, adding more beautiful moments to the tapestry of life.

And so, River’s legacy lives on, a reminder that no matter how fleeting our time may be with our beloved companions, the joy they bring and the memories they leave behind are cherished forever.